Fall in Japan

Arte têxtil Outono no Japão obra de Fernanda Mascarenhas

Textile work, natural dyeing, 150 x 100 cm

Exhibited on 12th. Great Bunkyo Art Exhibition in 2018.

“Some time ago I had the opportunity to travel to Japan. This work was made with leaves, flowers and seeds that I collected during the trip. It was designed and made as a way of thanking everyone who made this incredible trip possible. His inspiration was the robes of the Buddhist monks called okesa that are hand-sewn and graphically represent the rice fields.”

Detalhe de Outono no Jap√£p mostrando as folhas do momiji e do ginko biloba
Detalhe da obra de arte têxtil Outono no Japão
Folha vermelha do momiji no mosteiro Eiheiji em Fukui Jap√£o foto de Gil Gosch
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Fall in Japan
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