Moon Path

Moon Path

black and white
heaven earth on thumb
stations and directions

devil’s prank
first step

dark night river
paper boat

the third moon
rest in the cloud
sound of water

born with brilliance

sand stage
voice spirit
returns to the forest

conception and direction: Toshi Tanaka

collaboration of the Artisans of the Body and Nile Art

performers: Ciça Ohno, Toshi Tanaka, Fernanda Mascarenhas, Gum Tanaka, Juma Tanaka, Valquíria Rosa, Yurin Tanaka, Ederson Lopes and Mirtes Calheiros

costumes: Mariko Kaneko

photos by Carla Ângulo


Performance presented at Casa do Vento, Embu-SP, with support from the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ṣo Paulo through the Cultural Action Program РPac in 2007.

Each Step
Iki–Breath 1
Iki–Breath 2
Moon Path
In the luminous water
Inland river
Under fog
Noh Theatre