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Colours of Japan – The poetry of Fukumi Shimura

“I have received color without limit from the natural world in the years since I entered the dyer’s way. It has poured down on me endlessly, too much for this meager vessel to hold. Joyful as a child with a new set of paints, I have woven and woven yarn dyed by the grasses and trees”. (Fukumi Shimura) I…

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Obra em azul: Detalhe da obra 翳・Ⅰ de Hiroyuki Shindo, reproduzida do catálogo do Musée de Somé Seiryu de Kyoto. Telhado de palha: Detalhe da foto de Gil Gosch obtida em Miyama, Kyoto, Japão.

Colours of Japan – The blue of Hiroyuki Shindo

It was very difficult to define what would be the first experience that should open this series “Colors of Japan”. There are so many images, feelings, learning, and inspirations brought by my memories of the trip to Japan! This trip was the result of the prize that I received for the textile work “Each Step” in 2016. The whole…

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