Each Step

Cada Passo

Walk, step by step

breathing the earth under the feet

it is all that exists

here and now  

creation: Fernanda Mascarenhas

direction: Toshi Tanaka

with Núcleo Fu Bu Myo In

performers: Ciça Ohno, Toshi Tanaka, Fernanda Mascarenhas e Angélica Figuera

costume: Fernanda Mascarenhas e Núcleo Fu Bu Myo In

photo: Rogério Ortiz

The performance is part of the Corpo de Vento project included in the 16th Dance Promotion of São Paulo and was presented at the Casa do Sertanista Museum in 2016.

Each Step
Iki–Breath 1
Iki–Breath 2
Moon Path
In the luminous water
Inland river
Under fog
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