Iki–Breath 1

Iki–Breath 1

when receiving the wind
the spirit of the voice returns to the body
with a word
not yet known

it’s neither history nor choreography
between body voice scenic elements
a time relationship
density and direction

in search of the origin
of the presence of each element
a relationship arises between them
an event
that appears and disappears

conception and direction: Toshi Tanaka

performers: Toshi Tanaka, Ciça Ohno, Fernanda Mascarenhas, Célio Amino, Roger Muniz, Angélica Figuera, Luciana Beloli and Juliano Vendemiatti

scenic space and lighting: Fu Bu Myo In Group and Mavutsinim

Photo by Carla Angulo

Performance resulting from the Kaze-Ventos project contemplated in the 13th São Paulo Dance Promotion, presented at Sala Paissandu – Olido Gallery, Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop, SP Theater School, Tucarena and at Guarany Krukutu Village, São Paulo-SP, in 2013

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Iki–Breath 1
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