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Body of wind project

20 years of Fu Bu Myo In Group celebration
3 authorial performances running in a
1 exquisite and ancient place
and 1 publication

A quite challenge to put all those distinct information together on the same piece of paper. The solution was to create a kind of accordion inspired by ancient Japanese books.

One side shows the spirit of each performance.

Na √°gua luminosa means In the luminous water
Cada passo means Each step
Rio adentro means Inland river

“Hear the wind’s voice
oriented by the waters
walk step by step.
Born the hidden shine
in the darkness.”

Beyond being a graphic designer I created one of the performances. I can watch from the very inner point
of view. Deep dive.

The other side of the accordion folder told us a brief history of Fu Bu Myo In Group. Some images of main performances divide space with credits of the artists and an activity schedule.

The 3 performances took place in a heritage building from Siglo 17 called Casa do Sertanista, something like a backwoodsman’s house. The house, which once was a museum, was empty for the performance. A gift for us, the performers, and the public, since the place was closed for visiting.

Inside the accordion folder, a celebrative surprise. When it is entirely unfolded, a poster is revealed. We can see the calligraphy or sho in Japanese from the word fu or wind. Japanese calligraphy is the strongest and most beautiful part of Toshi Tanaka’s work, as the director of the Body of Wind Project.

graphic design / performance and theatre publications