graphic design / print and promotional design

The Museum of Person Postcards

Postcards designed for the Museum of the Person to promote its vision and activities.

“A story can change the way you see the world.” Inspired by this slogan, we created 10 postcards focusing on one powerful statement from a person’s interview chosen within a myriad of Museum projects.

“Every human being, be they anonymous or famous, has the right to preserve their story. This is the idea behind the Museum of the Person: a virtual museum with the mission to promote the democratization of social memory by valuing the life stories of everyone in society. Founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1991, the Museum of the Person developed an alternative method for collecting and systematizing life stories. Having developed around 220 projects regarding institutional memory, education, culture and community development, the institution currently has a collection of 16,000 recorded life stories and 72,000 digitalized photos and documents. Today, the Museum of the Person is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest with an international network of life stories, as well as sister museums in Portugal, the U.S. and Canada.” (

“The memories from myself helped me to understand the weaves which I was part of” (Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator, born in Recife (PE) in 1921, interviewed by the Museum of Person in 1992).

graphic design / print and promotional design