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Mazzaropi Museum

I made the graphic designer for this exhibition project in partnership with the set designer Renato Theobaldo. It had been created for the Mazzaropi Museum, a permanent collection dedicated to the work and life of the Brazilian cineast Mazzaropi.

“Mazzaropi was perhaps the most popular character in the history of Brazilian cinema. His filmography with 32 films was responsible for the biggest blockbuster in Brazil. Mazzaropi filled national theatres for three decades with his fun and clumsy figure. The Museum building was built in the old Mazzaropi studios in Taubat├ę-SP, with modern architecture specially designed to receive the collection.” (Praxinoscopio Scenography)

“We worked in a storyline tied to the chronology of his films, which reflect a daily life chronicle in Brazil between the 1950s and 1980s, a period when the country ceases to be predominantly agricultural and becomes essentially urban. Mazzaropi’s movies registered this transformation, narrating in a fun way part of our history.” (Praxinoscopio Scenography)

I also created the logotype to the Mazzaropi Museum and the signage.

graphic design / exhibitions