Mangrove Kakejiku Wall Art

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• Original and signed work - unique piece
• 80 x 24 cm
• Printed on Canson paper sewn in silk
• Piece already comes ready to hang with two pieces of branches and sisal cord
• Do not expose direct sunlight

Original work made with the leaves of the mangrove tree on paper sewn in silk fabric dyed naturally with "araça" and iron. Through the delicate process of botanical contact printing, plants become living impressions of nature. The plants used in this work were collected in the mangrove of the neighborhood of Goiabeiras in Vitória-ES and in the sandbank of the coast of Guarapari, Brazil. Inspired by the "Paneleiras of Vitória" that use the bark of the mangrove tree to paint their pots black, an ancient indigenous technique. The fabric and paper were sewn inspired by kakejiku, a type of finish made by the Japanese for works on paper, also known as Japanese parchment. Kake 掛 means hanging and jiku 軸, roll. It is often a Japanese calligraphy or painting displayed in the tokonoma, a sacred space that the Japanese habitually have in their dwellings to contemplate the beautiful and impermanent things.

Botanical contact printing is a natural dyeing technique, where leaves, flowers, bark and seeds are placed directly on the paper or fabric. The result is a direct transfer of the colors and shapes of plants to paper, as in a vivid engraving. Sustainable art that brings nature to life in your home.

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